Municipality Support

Under the Alvaiázere + Program, the Municipality of Alvaiázere grants the following support to business activity:

Reduction or exemption from municipal fee

  • Reduction or exemption of urbanization and building rates, such as:
    • Issuance of certificates
    • Issuance of prior information
    • Building works
    • Allotment operations
    • Works of urbanization
    • Usage permissions
    • Licensing
  • Reduction or exemption of corporate advertising fee
  • Reduction or exemption of fees related to the occupation of public space, such as:
    • Open terraces
    • Awnings
    • Porches
  • Reduction or exemption from the special noise license
  • Reduction or exemption of municipal equipment utilization rates

Priority in appreciation of licensing projects

Advice on choosing the location of land

Realization of public infrastructure works

Assignment of buildings and equipment

Technical support in the organization and treatment of the space subject to the investment

Support or co-participation in support of the promotion or realization of economic entrepreneurial initiatives of municipal interest

Provision of information on legal formalities in setting up a company and on available financial support

Participation in the promotion or execution of actions aimed at the national or international promotion and promotion of the municipality

Technical support in the implementation and control of compliance with hygiene and food safety standards of regional products

Financial support for employability and the modernization and promotion of

Monitoring and integration in the services provided at Alvaiázere + Business Incubator

Concession of enterprise lots for 0.10 cents per square meter of parcel or lot area

Incentives for job creation and entrepreneurship for young people, aged between 18 and 40, resident in the municipality:

  • Allocation of non-refundable support, up to the maximum amount of € 2,000, extendable over a period of two years, to cover business expenses with facilities
  • Exemption of the following rates and tariffs:
    • Rates of edification and urbanization, such as:
      • Consideration of applications for urban operations or proof of exemption from prior checking
      • Issuance of opinions, authorizations or approvals of entities external to the Municipality of Alvaiázere for the amounts they cover
      • Previous information
      • Issuance of licenses for full or partial license and authorization of use
      • Outstanding decisions
      • Decisions to occupy the public space
      • Decision to carry out demolition or excavation work and peripheral containment up to the lowest floor depth
      • Issuance of certificates or plans
      • Provisional or final reception of urbanization works
      • Realization, maintenance and reinforcement of urban infrastructure
    • Advertising rate (two years)
    • The Fee for the occupation of the public highway for advertising purposes (two years)
    • The tariff for the installation and connection of water meters
    • Tariffs related to the connection of sanitation branches.