What is A +?

“Alvaiázere +” is the municipal program to promote and encourage local business development.

Publicly announced on June 13, 2016 by Mayor Célia Marques, this program has as main objective to make the Municipality of Alvaiázere a reference municipality for the development of business ideas and for the installation of companies, a true business ecosystem that create value for economic agents with activity in the municipality of Alvaiázere.

There is already a set of incentives and incentives for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship, which include, among other measures, the reduction or exemption of municipal taxes related to economic activity and which, for example, add to the absence of a profit spill of the companies with operations in the municipality of Alvaiázere.

The municipality is extending and qualifying an industrial zone, the Industrial Zone of Troia, to increase the supply of industrial lots, to make available at symbolic prices to companies wishing to have activity in Alvaiázere.

Alvaiázere + Business Incubator supports entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of the county, providing working conditions for those who want to develop a business idea, but also offering a wide range of services in training and mentoring.

The Municipality, together with the first-time partners in this project, the Alvaiázere Integrated Development Association (ADECA) and the specialized consulting firm Territórios Criativos, are implementing a set of tools to support entrepreneurship and activity economic that they are promoting + IDEAS, that bring + INVESTMENT and that, consequently, will generate + EMPLOYMENT.

Discover the Alvaiázere + Ecosystem.

Alvaiázere on the radar

“An ecosystem that supports companies and their entrepreneurs”

Célia Marques, Mayor of Alvaiázere

There’s no fixing people without access to employment. It is under this premise that the Alvaiázere+, the municipal programme to boost the local economy, was created.

With this programme, which began in 2016, Alvaiázere is establishing itself as a truly competitive municipality for the stimulation of new business ideas and business development, with results already in plain sight.

“Alvaiázere +” is not the last breath before resignation. It is, rather, the cry of affirmation that it is possible to do what some say is impossible. For this, we need to continue with the mobilization of all local actors and the whole community around this common desideratum.

Our Mission

To create, implement and execute instruments and measures that translate into effective competitive advantages for entrepreneurs and investors with activity in Alvaiázere, promoting the establishment of people in the territory.


Colocar Alvaiázere como o Município benchmark para se viver, investir e visitar.

The potential of the Municipality of Alvaiázere

The municipality of Alvaiázere is a territory with a great wealth of geological, archaeological, architectural and ethnographic heritage, also exhibiting an admirable biodiversity. It also has several infrastructures that enhance leisure, sport and culture and should increasingly focus on the multiplicity of endogenous products.

A equipa

ADECA ;CMA e Territórios Criativos.

Bruno Sousa
President, ADECA

Luís Matos Martins
CEO Territórios Criativos

Manuel Lourenço
Support for the Presidency, CMA

Vanessa Batista
Territórios Criativos

Sandra Simões
Economic Activities Office, CMA