• Advice and technical support to choose the place where to install the facilities;
  • Selling properties in industrial or business areas;
  • Develop, according to the law, the public infrastructure´s works under municipal jurisdiction, such as opening foundations and providing water lines and drainage for waste water;
  • To assure buildings and equipment;
  • Technical support to define and organize the projects in order for them to get licensing;
  • Prioritize the appreciation and licensing of projects;
  • Technical support to organize the space where the investment will be done;
  • Support or co-participation in the support of economic entrepreneurial initiatives which are considered of municipal interest;
  • Providing information about available financial support;
  • Participation in actions which aim the national or international promotion of the municipality;
  • Technical support regarding the implementation and control of hygiene and food safety standards in what concerns regional handcrafted products;
  • Financial support for employability, modernization and promotion of an activity;
  • Guidance and funding for new business investments in the municipality, as well as its integration and follow-up through Alvaiázere +’s Business Incubator;
  • Total or partial exemption or reduction of municipal fees and licenses, according to the law;
  • Inexistence of a municipal tax on profit of enterprises;
  • All legally constituted entities in activity;
  • All businesses belonging to an individual person;
In any of the situations, it is mandatory that the entity or person has no debts to the State or to the Municipality of Alvaiázere. They cannot be facing an insolvency, liquidation or cessation of activity situation.  They must uphold the legal conditions which are necessary for the exercise of their activity, namely in what regards licensing.
Allocation of annual non-refundable support up to a maximum of € 2,000.00, extendable over a period of two years, to cover the company's operating expenses. Exemption of taxs for: building and urbanization, advertising (for two years), occupation of the public space for advertising purposes (for two years); exemption of other taxes related to water supply and sanitation services. These incentives are cumulative with others available.
Unemployed adults, according to the defined priority groups, and young people aged between 18 and 40 living in the municipality of Alvaiázere.
Yes. The City Council may grant reduction, or even exemption, of all municipal taxes or charges related to any economic activity.
Upon receipt of the application, a selection interview will be scheduled with elements of the Alvaiázere City Council , ADECA and Territórios Criativos, in order to evaluate the effective potential of the project.
It is a place created to receive companies / projects, offering a structure configured to support the projects at early stage. This space offers logistical and technical support, which aims to provide the best conditions for the entrepreneurs.
Access to various services and resources: Incubation | Training | Workshops | Mentoring | Networking | Acceleration Programs | Support Programs | Consulting.
Sala de cowork (1º Ano) : 10,00 €/mensal Sala de cowork (2º e 3º Anos) : 15,00 €/mensal Sala de studio (1º Anos) : 40,00 €/mensal Sala de studio (2º e 3º Anos) : 45,00 €/mensal Sala de studio VIP (1º Anos) : 50,00 €/mensal Sala de studio VIP (2º e 3º Anos) : 55,00 €/mensal Incubação Virtual: 10,00 €/mensal Pré-Incubação: 10,00 €/mensal Aceleração: 10,00 €/mensal
  • On-site permanent element to revitalize the incubator;
  • Internet access;
  • Use of meeting rooms, training and various events by prior appointment;
  • Photocopier accessible on site with a card / code available for each company installed, which will be responsible for the costs and direct payments to the company that owns the photocopier;
  • Electricity and water;
  • Support for the promotion of the company through the dissemination of products and services on the Facebook page of Alvaiázere +.
  • Participation in training / workshops that can be carried out at reduced costs or free of charge as defined by the management and dynamising entities;
  • Cleaning.
Entrepreneurs, companies or non-profit associations that wish to take advantage of the services offered in the Incubator, with the exception of occupying a workspace as happens with the physical incubation.
Fill out the registration form available on this site.
In most cases, any type of company / project with the objective of developing and marketing products or services with innovative character and high potential, with preference for local companies / projects and startups (companies with less than 3 years of activity).
No. The entrepreneur can enter the incubator in his own name and only set up a company in a more advanced stage of the business, after receive support in the Incubator process.