Incubation and Applications

Typology and Prices

Cowork room (1st Year): 10,00 € / monthly
Cowork room (2nd and 3rd years): 15,00 € / monthly
Studio room (1st year): € 40.00 / month
Studio room (2nd and 3rd years): € 45.00 / monthly
VIP studio room (1st year): 50,00 € / monthly
VIP studio room (2nd and 3rd years): 55,00 € / monthly
Virtual Incubation: 5,00 € / monthly
Pre-Incubation: 10,00 € / monthly
Acceleration: 10,00 € / monthly
Residence: To be defined / daily

  • The price includes exclusive use of each studio (including sanitary facilities, electricity, internet and cleaning) and common spaces and equipment;
  • The assignment of studios obeys the criteria and the process for selection of the applications presented in accordance with the internal regulations of each incubation building;
  • The price to be allocated to support services at each building (training room, meeting room and other common spaces) shall be defined in the respective internal rules;
  • Pre-incubation and acceleration allow use of common spaces, meeting room as described in the regulation;
  • The amounts described above are subject to annual updating, whenever this is deemed justified, upon approval by the management entity.

Regulation and Application

To apply for a place in the incubator you only need two steps:
read the incubator regulation and fill out the application form.