Institute for Employment and Vocational Training - IEFP

A set of tools to promote entrepreneurship through support for the creation of companies and their own employment, within the framework of the Program to Support Entrepreneurship and the Creation of own employment and within the framework of the “Investe Jovem” program.


Follow-up / clarification sessions on legal, accounting and management issues by local and national partners.

Supporting documentation

Documents and tools provided by IAPMEI – Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation.

Am I an entrepreneur?

Self-diagnosis tool that allows you to analyze your profile and to see in which domain it is prudent to meet with partners.

Teste Empreendedor.pdf

The business idea.

It is essential to gather several ideas. Then select one by evaluating the associated risks.

Ideia de Negócio.pdf

How to identify business ideas?

Learn some common ways to find business ideas.

Como identificar ideias de negócio.pdf

The business model.

A key aspect to turn your idea into a business is the design of a coherent and complete business model.

O modelo de negócio.pdf

Tool of systematization of ideas.

If you have a business idea yet to be developed, structure the information you have already gathered in this tool as best as you can.

Formulário de Sistematização da Ideia.pdf

How to draw up a business plan?

Learn more with this guide if you want to prepare a business plan.

Como criar um plano de negócios.pdf